4th Annual More Miles More Smiles 4 Hearts 5k/1 mile walk

Sign up for the 4th annual More Miles More Smiles 4 Hearts 5k/1 mile run! Race is set for Friday, June 16th! Learn more details here!


More Miles More Smiles was born when our owner, Mark Spewak asked himself, "Why do I run?" His answer, "The more I run the more I smile." Since then our mission has been to share the passion and love for the sport with as many runners and walkers as possible! Don't feel guilty about that healthy running addiction any longer. We are here to inspire you on a daily basis one mile at a time. If there is anything we can do to assist your running, please contact mark@moremilesmoresmiles.com





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Karol's Running Story - Nov 11

  MS: Out of all sports to choose, why did you choose running? KO: I chose running because it always makes me feel wonderful! Running gives you a great sense of accomplishment, and is a great way to relieve stress.   MS: Tell us a little bit about your story prior to your running career? KO:  Before running, and even just getting back...

Happy 2nd Birthday! - Oct 14

   Dear More Miles More Smiles Nation, When I first started More Miles More Smiles in the fall of 2013, I really had no idea what direction the company would go in. I knew I had a passion for running, smiling, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. However, the path More Miles More Smiles has taken has been a little more unpre...

Thoughts from Spe - Oct 07

Here are some running tips from Mark Spewak!

Mike's Running Story - Sep 30

This month's athlete feature is Mike Orrico!  Mike is a very popular runner in the St. Louis running community! Read all about his exciting running adventures in his interview below! MS: What got you into running?   MO: I played a lot of different sports as a kid and  loved to just run around.  However, I don’t think I  truly started...

Matt Dahl's Running Story - May 12

  This month we sat down with the one and only Matt Dahl! Matt just finished up the Boston Marathon. He has had a very successful running career so far. Read his brilliant interview below!    MS: When did you start running? MD: Summer 2001, freshman year of high school   MS: Where did you run at in college? MD: Rider MS: What...