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Happy 2nd Birthday! Posted on October 14, 2015


Dear More Miles More Smiles Nation,

When I first started More Miles More Smiles in the fall of 2013, I really had no idea what direction the company would go in. I knew I had a passion for running, smiling, and helping others achieve their fitness goals. However, the path More Miles More Smiles has taken has been a little more unpredictable. With that said, I'm so grateful and thankful for every moment and memory so far. 

In the winter of 2013, we decided we were going to start a charity race that benefited the Children's Heart Foundation. I really believe it's important that not only does the company focus on inspiring runners but it also focuses on using the running community to come together and raise awareness for different causes. Our first race was June 20th, 2014. There was a torrential down pour of rain in the middle of it but the first event couldn't have gone smoother. We raised a lot of money that night and drank a few too many beers! Immediately after the event I knew we had to repeat the next year. It was incredible seeing people of all ages coming together on a hot steamy summer night to support the event.  So far we have hosted two summer Heart Foundation races. Both June dates threatened rain and crummy weather but we were still able to get 200 plus people to attend the event each year. Please stay tuned for this year's date coming soon.

Once we did our second event I knew More Miles More Smiles had to figure out a way to make an impact on more causes. A good friend of mine has a foundation that is dedicated to raising money to build wellness centers in hospitals nationwide. She is a runner herself and has the most creative mind out of anyone I know. We decided More Miles More Smiles and the Jackson Hill Foundation should team up and do something great for the St. Louis running community. On February 28th, 2016, we will be hosting the first ever Run n Run S'more 5k/1 Mile fun run at Ladue High School. Our goal is to raise money for St. Louis Children's Hospital, the Jackson Hill Wellness Centers, and to eat as many s'mores as possible. We also want to highlight the awesome local businesses in the area. 

Every so often I will get a text message or phone call from someone telling me they wore their More Miles More Smiles shirt and someone complimented them. I truly believe wearing a piece of our apparel can inspire you or someone else. The shirts, hats, and car decals are just a simple reminder to run and walk with a smile. You would be surprised at the amount of random places More Miles More Smiles gear has been spotted. I have had people tell me they have seen us in places like rural Indiana and even in spots in the wine country of California. It's truly humbling knowing our customers represent our gear everywhere. 

In the beginning of the More Miles More Smiles journey, I really believed selling apparel online and at events would be the extent of the company outside using social media to inspire people. What I have learned about myself and the company is that I want to take More Miles More Smiles to the next level. I truly believe More Miles More Smiles came into my life to share my message and passion for running but also for my love for people. I hope in the coming years we can continue to figure out more ways to help the lives of many people. Stay tuned for a special announcement on a new More Miles More Smiles project coming soon.

Lastly, please reach out to us. We love hearing from you. In fact, the more we hear from you, the more we smile. I am always open to hearing more ideas and more stories! I am not sure where More Miles More Smiles will be in another year. However, I am sure we will have the same amount of incredible support from all of you. For that, I am so thankful and so blessed. Thank you so much for a spectacular first two years. We are looking forward to many more.


Mark Spewak Owner/Founder




by Mark Spewak


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