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Mike's Running Story Posted on September 30, 2015

This month's athlete feature is Mike Orrico!  Mike is a very popular runner in the St. Louis running community! Read all about his exciting running adventures in his interview below!

MS: What got you into running?  

MO: I played a lot of different sports as a kid and  loved to just run around.  However, I don’t think I  truly started running until we found out we were going to have our first child.  I was out of shape and wanted to be around a long time for my kids.

MS: Who has had the biggest influence on your running career?  

MO: There have a been a bunch of individuals but I cannot single one out.  It would have to be our little running group the WolfPack.  It is a group of friends that like to run. They are some great runners and more importantly great friends.

MS: It's my understanding you were a life long baseball player who has now converted over to marathon running. Please us about that transition.  

MO: This is true, I came to St. Louis on a baseball scholarship to SLU.  I loved baseball and still do.  Growing up playing team sports like baseball and soccer then making the transition to running was tough at first.  Running can be a very solitary sport but that is also makes it great.  Having a great running group around that you cheer for and feed off each other makes it almost feel like a baseball team.

MS: Where do you see your running in 10 years?  

MO: Hopefully still upright and running races with my two boys who are now 5 and 2.

MS: You have a running streak going. Can you please tell us a little more about it?

MO: I just hit 1,000 days and 8,500 miles the day after my birthday on 9/25/15.  The streak started after a nudge from a few friends to give it a try.  The streak just becomes part of your daily routine now and it is just my time.  There have been some rough days in there but I never once finished a run and said that wasn’t worth it.

MS: What group do you usually train with?  

MO: The Pack!

MS: Where are some of your favorite places in Missouri to log the miles?

MO: I have a few, first how can you not love Forest Park.  It is the gem of St. Louis and a huge part of the running community here.  My second is the Katy Trail.  I live less than a mile away and you can just get on it and go.  Lastly is the Lewis and Clark Trail in Weldon Springs.  It is home to the trail race I direct (Corps of Discovery) and I just love being out there, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing.

MS: Do you have any immediate or long term running goals?

MO: Nothing really too specific.  I just like to run. I like to run as much as my body and schedule will allow me to.

Fire Away!

MS: Favorite band?  

MO: Brandon Flowers and the Killers

MS: Favorite post long run meal?  

MO: Beer and Steak

MS: St. Louis Cardinals post-season prediction?  

MO: World Series!

MS: Coffee before or after you run?  

MO: After mainly but will occasionally before.

MS: Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, what are you munching on?  

MO: Doesn’t everyone?  I love chocolate.  Any kind.


by Mark Spewak


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