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Sara Hahn Story Posted on March 06, 2014

This month we feature Sara Hahn! Sara is a senior in college at Truman State University. She has been a runner since she was 15 years old.  Sara competed in Cross Country and Track in high school.  Although she doesn't compete on the collegiate level that hasn't stopped her from racing in college. Last spring she ran her first marathon and plans to run another! Sara's story is unlike any other. Read her interview here to learn more about her true motivation for the sport! 


MS: What got you into distance running?

SH: My mom is a distance runner, and I wanted to tag along with her while she ran through forest park with my Australian Shepherd, Caramel.


MS: Who were some people who influenced your high school running?

SH: My coaches, Coach Strayhorn and Coach Levine, were a huge influence on my high school running career. They were wonderful encouragers during practices and at meets! My team was the most major influence on my high school running. Such a great group of girls to hang out with always made me excited for practice, and some of my best memories from high school involve cross-country.


MS: What were some of the reasons you continued to run after high school?

SH: Running for me is a stress reliever and way to relax. It’s something I really enjoy doing, not for the competition, but for the feeling of pushing myself to new limits and to feel healthy and happy.


MS: What is the proudest moment of your running career thus far?

SH: My proudest moment thus far was running the Go! St. Louis marathon last year.


MS: What made you want to jump to that distance?

SH: I wanted to run that distance because I wanted to challenge myself. The most I had run until last year was a half marathon, and I felt that I could do the full if I really wanted to. I think that so much of running is mental; if you tell yourself you can do it, you can!


MS: Although you don't compete on the collegiate level, do you recommend the route you took to anyone else?

SH: I would definitely recommend running after college. If you are a competitive person, you may want to join the team, but as a person who runs for enjoyment and pleasure, I have found that running on my own time gives me a feeling of satisfaction. I have found it nice to run on my own time when I have a busy schedule filled with classes and other organizations on campus.


MS: How much of an influence does your Grandmother have on your running career today?

SH: My Grandma Pat has a huge influence on my running career. She is one of the most important people in my life and has always encouraged me to challenge myself and to do good for others. When she had both her legs amputated due to type 1 diabetes, it made me think about how much I appreciate using my legs to run almost every day and sometimes take this for granted. I really admire my grandmother’s positive attitude toward her amputation and use her as a role model for many aspects of life in addition to running. She has taught me that being a nice and positive person will really help you achieve many goals in life.


MS: Can you tell us a little more about her foundation and how you are incorporating your story into the training for your next marathon?

SH: I decided to create a donation page to the American Diabetes Association in honor of my grandmother and was able to raise over $500 toward diabetes research through this fundraising. I thought it would be nice to do something for others who have dealt with diabetes and to raise money in hopes that others would not have to deal with amputations. One of my best friends, Kelly, is a runner and also has diabetes, and I know that I wanted to make sure she will be safe in the future and will have a good running career ahead, because I know she loves to run a lot, too.


MS: Do you have any goals for the  Go. St. Louis Marathon?

SH: Well, I was going to try and beat my time from last year- but due to the weather conditions this winter, I just want to finish without stopping! I also just want to have fun, which I’m sure won’t be too hard!


Rapid fire!

Coffee before or after you run?

I don’t like coffee! I do love those Mio drink enhancers with a little caffeine and try and squirt a little into my waterbottle before I run.


Favorite post run meal?

Salmon sushi!


Do you listen to music while you run?

Yes! I love my little iPod shuffle. Currently I’m listening to a lot of Nelly and Lorde. Music is a great motivator!




by Mark Spewak

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