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Life of a Runner: Megan's Blog Posted on February 26, 2014

I will be the first to admit that I was a shorts, tank top, and sunglasses, fair weather runner.  Then I realized that I am an average runner.  If I want to get to Boston, I have to be above average.  That means being consistent, train year round, no matter the conditions.

Boy did I pick a good time to start running year round.  Getting out the door to get my run in during the Polar Vortex has not been easy.  Luckily, in St. Louis, there is the spring training team, two winter series, Monday night group runs, and the Wednesday night run with the Happy Running Family to keep me on track. 

The spring training team is hosted by Big River Running Company on Sunday mornings at various locations around the St. Louis area for 12 weeks starting in mid-January to prepare runners for the GO! St. Louis Marathon weekend.  Only one meeting has been cancelled due to icy roads.

One winter racing series is hosted by the St. Louis Track Club called the Frostbite Series, held at Forest Park, with a long and short courses for each race, as well as a long-sleeve series tech shirt. 

The other is hosted by Missouri Running Company called the Winter Park Series, held at Queeny Park, Tower Grove Park, Forest Park, Creve Coeur Park, and Carondelet Park, different shirts as well as different distances ranging from 3 to 5 miles for each race. 

Each series has five races on alternating Saturday mornings.  That’s ten weeks of races!  And despite the active winter weather, only one of those ten races was cancelled due to icy roads.

On the weekends, knowing that the other runners are also dreading getting out of their nice warm beds, dark and early to brave the cold, helps motivate me to show up too! 

During the week, it’s a little easier since you’ve already braved the cold to get to work.  Just make sure you pack your gear, keep it warm, and don’t go home until your run is over.  Otherwise, you might find yourself wrapped up in a blanket on the couch without any miles for the day.

Monday night group runs are held year round at Big River Running Company at each one of their four different locations:  South City, University City, West County, and O’Fallon.   Only one week was cancelled due to icy roads and frigid temps.  Post run, there is usually a group eager to grab dinner and drinks at a restaurant nearby.  I can’t think of a better way to end a Monday!

On Wednesday nights, you can find the Happy Running Family in the Visitor’s Center at Forest Park ready to get their 6 miles in regardless of the conditions.

This winter, I have learned so much about runners and their willingness to avoid treadmills at all costs.  If you can think of an excuse, there is a solution.  There are tights, gloves, jackets, turtlenecks, winter caps, face masks, YakTrax, etc. to keep you warm and give you traction so that you can get your miles in outside.  Coming to the realization that “everyone else is doing it” has helped me get out there and do it too!


*Megan is a freelance blogger for the More Miles More Smiles team!*


by Mark Spewak

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