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The Running Story: Becky Cutright Posted on December 18, 2013

In early December or late June you can expect to see 28 year old Becky Cutright running out on the roads or trails. When you pass by her she may just appear to be another runner sacrificing her body in the early morning light. However, Becky’s story is different. Today we feature an incredible running story about Becky Cutright. Read our interview with her below and be prepared to be inspired!


MS: What got you into running?

BC:After losing about fifty pounds on my own with healthy eating, I hit a plateau. I had more pounds to lose and realized I hadn’t really incorporated much exercise into my new lifestyle. A friend mentioned the Couch-2-5k program and said she wanted to give it a try. I was hesitant because I disliked running a great deal when I was younger. But I had heard great things about the program so I joined her in the spring of 2012 to try it out for myself. Our goal was to do The Color Run at the end of the program and we did! I was surprised to find that I actually enjoyed running. I loved being outside and running in new places. I went on vacation in the southwest in the weeks leading up to The Color Run and it was really exciting to do some of my training with the mountains of Santa Fe in the background! I saw sites I would have never seen otherwise. After that, the running bug officially bit me and I was hooked. I started training for a half-marathon shortly thereafter in the spring of this year and completed my very first 13.1 miles last month at Disneyworld!


MS: What was your first initial weight loss goal?

BC: I had been heavy my entire life and was not successful with weight loss in the past, in part, because I always put too much pressure on myself to reach a certain weight loss goal or number on the scale. This time around the goal was about getting healthy versus losing weight. I knew if I made healthier eating choices and starting incorporating exercise that the weight would naturally come off, which is exactly what happened! Two years and 112 pounds later, here I am, happier and healthier than ever! I do hope to lose another ten pounds, but I have no specific timeline for that. When I reach the goal, I’ll reach it. And then the lifelong goal will be to maintain my new weight and healthy lifestyle, which I am enjoying so far! Running has definitely contributed to my weight loss; as well as keeping me motivated to make healthy eating choices. It’s a lot easier for me not to overindulge when I know I have a long run or a big race coming up.


MS: What's been the easiest part about the sport for you?

BC: The easiest part about the sport for me has been sticking with it, which might sound lame, but in the past I have had trouble sticking with a certain exercise for an extended period of time. I would eventually lose interest or lose motivation, but not with running.


MS: What's been the hardest part about the sport for you?

BC: Making myself run in cold, windy weather! Even with all of my warm gear, I have trouble catching my breath in the winter. But, it’s something I’m working on!


MS: Did you start training with friends or do it alone?

BC: When I was first getting into running I trained with a friend. Now that I’ve made running an integral part of my life, I typically train on my own, only because I have to fit it into my busy schedule. As often as I can I try to do group runs at Big River Running Company on Monday evenings. My husband just graduated from college and now that he’ll have more time I’m excited for us to start running together, as well.


MS: Where do you see your running in 10 years?

BC: I’m not so sure about 10 years, but I do have a 2-year plan. I’m 28 years old now and just completed my first half-marathon. Next year, after I turn 29, I would like to complete my first full-marathon. And by the next year when I turn 30, I would like to run 30 miles on my actual birthday. After that I’d like to continue running on my own for exercise and good health, and participating in races throughout the country as I can!


Thank you for reading Becky's amazing story. Check out a cool before and after photo of her below!


by Mark Spewak

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Lisa Kelley on On 04/01 at 07:40 PM

Thank you for sharing you inspiring story. So glad that I bump into you at BR. You will be a great motivator for the start program. I look forward to running with you sometime!

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