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Mark's Winter Running Tips Posted on December 16, 2013


Running in the cold can be a challenge. Read our winter running tips below! Hopefully this will help keep your running motivated this season!


Purpose: Have a purpose for why you are running! For example, training for a particular race will motivate you to get your runs in. Training for a race doesn't have to be the reason. Running to stay in shape or keep the holiday weight off are great reasons too! We all run for different reasons. It's up to you find what your reason is! You are the only one who will be able to successfully keep yourself accountable.


Mark's example: I'm training for a spring marathon right now. What gets me out the door is knowing I need to be aerobically fit for when the race comes around. I also am someone who prides themselves on staying fit all year long. I know if I stop running I would be a living a life that I wouldn't be happy with!


Consistency: Staying consistent with your running when it's cold outside is extremely difficult. Often it's easy to choose a hot shower or hot coco over a frigid 6 am run. We personally recommend planning your week around your runs. Find a consistent schedule for your running. Your body and mind will start to become familiar with the structure on a weekly basis. Structure makes consistency :)


Mark's example: I run 6-7 days a week. I always make sure I get my runs in the morning. It helps starting the day off with a run and having the rest of the day to focus on other objectives.


Reward: Have a reward or incentive for your daily run! Reward yourself with whatever you want. Having something to look forward to after the run makes running that much easier! Treat yourself to a warm shower or holiday cookies! Whatever you choose, make sure you can have them if you complete your workout that day!


Mark's example: I always have a cup of coffee and a hot shower waiting for me post run! No better feeling grinding out the miles in the snow and then rewarding myself to my run goodies!


Group Runs: Finding a group to train with will help your running tremendously! Find a few people who are willing to meet up a few times a week. Pick a new place every so often. A change of scenery keeps things fun and different! You can even plan something social after the run to keep people accountable for showing up. 


Mark's example: I am fortunate enough to have a lot of different people who are willing to meet up for a run. The easiest way for me to get my runs in is with a group. It's much easier showing up for a a chilly morning run when you know other people are waiting for you.


Dress Code: Dressing appropriately hands down may be the best piece of advice we can share with you! Visit your local running specialty store and see their winter apparel selection. Having the appropriate amount of clothing on will keep you from being uncomfortable. Dressing in layers is always the best option. You can always shed a layer!


Mark's example: I personally over dress. I make sure to wear the appropriate amount of layers. When the weather is in the teens I will wear a jacket, two layers under, and a nice pair of tights. I always make sure to have warm gloves and a hat on. How I dress in the winter is all relative to the weather outside! I make sure to check the weather and feel the temperature outside before running. I never leave the door unsure if I will be warm enough!



If you have any questions or need motivation running this winter contact mark@moremilesmoresmiles.com 

by Mark Spewak

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