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Hey all,


We are doing a really cool Instagram contest starting today! Here are the details. From now until Sunday night at 6 pm central, we encourage you take photos of your favorite places to run. Post a picture of where your run brought you this week. Hash tag #moremilesmoresmiles on your Instagram page for a chance to win a More Miles More Smiles t-shirt! 


Let the games begin! Feel free to let your friends know too! If you have any questions regarding the contest, contact 




Example: My run took me to Castlewood State Park this weekend. This is the coolest place to run. You have to check it out! #moremilesmoresmiles

by Mark Spewak

Running wisdom: Lucy's Perspective


I can’t remember the last 5k I raced. I’m not training for a marathon or even a half. I just love to run.

Whether I’m bounding over sidewalks in the chilly Illinois winters, sweating in heat, or skipping over mud and ice, I treasure the hour I take out of my day to run outside. That hour is mine to adventure, think, breathe, and be myself. When I run, it’s the pounding of my heart and music or the sound of crunching leaves. I’m without my homework and obligations. If I’m crabby, I run. If I’m sad, I run. If I’m happy, I just want to run even more.

I usually run alone. Running gives you such autonomy. Outside, you decide where to go, which paths to venture along. Over the summer, I had my first true running buddy. At first I was a bit hesitant. What if I’m not fast enough? What if I don’t have enough endurance? A true running buddy understands that running is personal and respects your bounds. When we ran, I still felt the peace I feel running alone, but I became a better runner. The quiet times we spent together running helped us become closer friends.

You don’t have to be professional runner to enjoy running. You don’t have to run fast either. Running is my yoga. It’s how I recenter my brain and focus. With proper care, I hope I’ll be able to run my whole life.


 *Lucy is a freelance blogger for the More Miles More Smiles team. She is currently attending school at the University of Illinois. Follow more of her running story on twitter @LuceVern *

by Mark Spewak

Blog of the week: Inside the Company

Today’s blog comes from the 16th floor of the Hilton Garden Inn in downtown Austin Texas!  Yesterday I spent a few hours walking around the University of Texas’s campus. What an incredible place to go to school. While on my walk I did a lot of soul searching. I am here because the city is hosting the National Running Event this week. The event takes place once a year for vendors and running specialty stores. It’s basically a running geek convention. Which plays out well for me J This is my first year attending the conference. I couldn’t be more excited for it. During my walk it was hard to not reflect on the amazing run I had earlier that morning!

Yesterday morning I decided I was going to run a little bit longer than I have recently. I look forward to all my runs when I travel. It’s exciting to see different running communities.  My running is slowly kicking back into gear after a week off before the holiday.  I put my watch on and said I will explore the city. That’s exactly what I did! I intended on running their 10 mile river trail. However, I magically found my way on the University of Texas’s campus! It could have been my inner spirits guiding me that way knowing there were thousands of cute girls on campus. Or it could have been my lack of common sense when it comes to directions.

I was excited to run but wasn’t feeling as confident about the company that morning.  We are starting to sell a lot but the same question has been presented to me from different peers and mentors. “How is this company going to be sustainable?” When I left the hotel and hit the roads for my run and things started falling into place for me.  The angrier I got, the faster the pace of the run. I even asked myself, “is this worth it?” I couldn’t help but reflect more and more on the questions people have asked.

I found the answer I needed. I found the reality.  I didn’t start this company to sell millions of dollars over night.  I started this company to share the love I have for this sport with everyone I can. I know what amazing things running has done for me. I think its important people find something in their life to call their own. Running holds you accountable for a lot of parts of your life. It makes you more driven and tougher around the edges.  I can thank the sport for helping me become the man I am today.

I know the idea More Mile More Smiles may sound like a silly idea. I know the statistics and risk of starting a small company. I also do remember taking the risk of running when I was 12 years old. I was just another chubby teenage boy taking a chance on myself. I really believed I could get fit, lose weight, and run for miles. Here I am 21 years of age and I am still running! If you would have asked me when I was 12, “Will I stick with running?” I would have probably told you the same exact answer that I will tell you today. I will succeed regardless of what obstacles I have to overcome.  Failure is never the option.

I am addicted to smiling. I love running and I love feeling healthy.  There is no greater feeling for me than getting out the door and cruising miles. Running has taken me all over the country. Here I am in Austin. This sport led me to a one week work vacation in the beginning of December. That’s just awesome! The run yesterday helped me put everything into perspective.  The company and my running career instantly felt validated when I finished the 9 mile run. I was happy. My mind was clear as it could be and I was back to the same mind set I have had since the launch of the company. That was all due to the fact that I just spent an hour truly soaking up my favorite part of life!

“How do I keep this sustainable?” “How am I going to be different than everyone else?” I will continue to write more blogs. I’ll find any inspiring runner who wants to share their story. I will encourage the new and the old of the sport. I will do whatever it takes to make this company successful. Just a few months ago I had been struggling with depression. I finally decided I needed to do something that makes me happy. Running makes me happy. Being social and selling the sport to people makes me happy.  Going to school and working part time while giving up a little bit of a social life MAKES me happy! Pretty much everything in my life right now is making me happy and that’s all credited to my running.  I may not be running a lot of races right now or accomplishing all my running goals. I do know I am starting to figure out my life goals due to my daily running therapy session.

I am the happiest I have been in my life.  More Miles More Smiles is the way I live healthiest. It’s my life style. I plan to grow this company until the day I die. It’s a long term investment. I have lots of goals and a lot more up my sleeve. Nothing is going to happen overnight. The better it becomes the higher chance of more people speaking out against you.  Believe in this company or not. I’m just a guy trying to inspire and educate the ever day fitness fanatic. That’ll fulfill my heart at the end of the day.  Join me and be inspired today!

by Mark Spewak