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Sarah's Running Story Posted on March 18, 2015


This month's athlete feature is Sarah Fisher! Sarah is by far one of the happiest runners we have ever come across! Read all about her exciting running adventures in her interview  below!  

MS: Where are you from and what got you into this crazy awesome sport?

SF: I am originally from the amazing city of St. Louis, but I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio when I was ten years old; therefore, I cannot be judged by what high school I went to ;) I was always an athletic kid growing up, so I honestly thought the idea of just running would be boring. In fact, I was determined to play volleyball instead of running cross country in high school. It was the wonderful people on the team (who eventually became my best friends) who influenced me to decide to run. Runners are seriously the best people.

MS: What is the happiest running moment of your life?

SF: The happiest running moment of my life recently was finishing the Take Steps for Kids 5k in 2014 with Mark Spewak, who positively encouraged me along the way! The race was for a great cause, the sun was shining, and I got to have a Boston-qualifier pace me - what more could I ask for?

MS: Who has had the biggest influence on your running career?

SF: My college coach, Jeff Stiles, who inspired a healthy training philosophy. He always reminded our team to “control the controllables.” and defined success as, “Taking advantages of your daily opportunities to the best of your ability under your given circumstances.” So basically, do the best you can - with what you got - where you are.  Great advice! His genuine support and dedication to our team also influenced me to become a more confident runner and trust in my training. On the day of the 2011 DIII cross country national championship meet Coach Stiles calmly told our team to just go out and do what we already knew how to do; he believed in us that much…and we won!

MS: Do you have any tips for prospective college runners interested in trying the sport on the collegiate level?

SF: Believe in your dreams: If you want to run competitively in college- go for it! You have to be willing to make sacrifices, but it is worth it. I would invest the time to thoroughly explore colleges both academically and athletically and find the best fit for you and your interests. Ask a lot of questions and follow your heart.  If you love to run, love to compete, love being a part of a team, and want to have fun then collegiate running is right for you!

MS: Over the years you have fought through more adversity than any other runner I know. What keeps you going?

SF: After many injuries and ending my collegiate running career early I felt lost. I knew I could make the best or the worst of it, so I decided to make the best of it. It was faith that kept me going: Faith in myself, faith in the sport, and others’ faith in me kept me going. When I realized I was worth more than my identity as a runner I became inspired to share my other gifts to motivate and empower others in their endeavors. I have learned the importance of positivity, self-love, speaking your truth, resiliency, and holding nothing back! I want everyone to find their strength to live a life they are proud of.

MS: What are some of your current short term goals?

SF: I am striving to stay healthy in mind, body, & spirit as I balance graduate school, work, coaching, ect. I am currently practicing yoga in addition to pool running and running ~30-40 miles/week to stay fit and strong. However, I have many more specific goals for my Kirkwood High School track athletes this season: State bound!

MS: What kind of impact has coaching at Kirkwood High School had on you?

SF: Coaching at Kirkwood has inspired my mission to help athletes become young people of empathy and integrity, who understand how to be positive agents of change in the world. I strive to uphold the legacy of Pioneer Track and Field, which aims to develop better human beings through participation in the sport. Coaching has been a wonderful way to give back to the sport that has done so much for me. It is a dream job to do what you love and witnessing the athletes achieve their goals is priceless.

MS: Where do you see your running in 10 years?

SF: Hopefully running in the mountains in Colorado with Matt Kruger, my husband (by then) as we train for a race together! I wonder who would win!?

MS: Rapid Fire!

MS: Favorite race day song?

SF: “Let’s Go” by Matt & Kim

MS: What do you call a carbonated beverage in the state of Ohio?

SF: “Soda”

MS: Coffee before or after you run? Or…never?

SF: Chocolate milk + iced Coffee = post run drink in the summertime because it has the complete nutritious protein/carb ratio with an energy boost!

MS: Favorite place to do a long run?

SF: In Missouri: the Lewis & Clark trail; however, a long run on the Oregon Coast during a sunset is bliss.


by Mark Spewak


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Mary Ellen on On 03/23 at 08:14 PM

Very Cool!! Way to go Sarah, coaching is a great job for you, I know you will inspire those girls!!

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