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I am a runner for life Posted on December 15, 2014

Recently I was asked to describe what running meant to me.  I found it incredibly difficult to sum up because running means so many different things to me.  I think that’s what truly makes this sport unique.  Growing up all I wanted to be was a professional basketball player.  I had it set up perfectly.  I would go to the University of Arizona on a full ride scholarship, win the national championship, then get drafted to the NBA in the first round.

It wasn’t until I failed to reach my goal of being over 6 feet tall in the 8th grade when I decided it was time to focus on another sport.  Fortunately for me running happened to be that other sport.  I pursued cross country and track in high school.  Then, I chased my dreams at Rider University on the collegiate level.  Unfortunately, my college running career ended in less than a year. 

From early on in my running career, I wanted to be one of the best runners in the sport.  I set the standard early on in my head that I would run at the division one level someday.  I was on a mission to accomplish each and every goal I had set out for myself.  When collegiate running ended for me I had to ask myself, “is this sport a lifelong passion?”  For a few weeks I was ready to give it all up and focus on something different in life.  However, I looked back to the last 9 years and realized I couldn’t go on in life without my passion.

Nearly three years ago, I started working in the running industry.  I am now a marathoner and a far more passionate runner.  The lessons I learned from my high school and short college career were extremely valuable.  At that point in my life all I wanted to be was the greatest runner in the world.  What I didn’t realize was you don’t have to be the fastest runner to experience the happiness that comes from the sport.  Success in running is relative from person to person.  I believe the most successful people in our sport are the ones who take advantage of everything running has to offer. 

Now today I ask myself, “what does running mean to me?” I guess the answer is very simple now. Running has helped me improve not only my times but my overall quality of life.  My life is built around my commitment to this sport.  It’s the one thing in my life that I know feels completely right. Being 5 foot tall in the 8th grade was the best thing to happen to me.  I’m so blessed to be able to say I am a runner…for life!


*Mark Spewak is the founder of More Miles More Smiles.*

by Mark Spewak

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