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Krista's Running Story Posted on August 21, 2014

This month we had the pleasure of interviewing former Missouri High School stand out Krista Menghini! Krista now runs for Cross Country and Track for Southern Illinois University! Please read her incredible athletic story here!


MS: In five words, describe the type of runner you are.

KM: Passionate, adventurous, courageous, tough, focused.


MS: Can you give us a little background about your high school athletic career?

KM: I attended St. Joseph’s Academy and played volleyball and ran track all four years and ran cross country my junior and senior year. I loved every second of being a multi-sport athlete in high school! My biggest accomplishments in high school were that my volleyball team won state my sophomore and senior year; in cross country I got 8th my junior year, and 10th my senior year and my team got 3rd; in track I made it to state in the 4x800, mile, and two mile my freshmen year, and made it to state in the mile and two mile my sophomore and junior year and medaled three times.


MS: What sports did you play?

KM: At SJA, I played volleyball and ran track all four years and I ran cross country my junior and senior year. I originally came to Southern Illinois University Carbondale playing volleyball, but then quit after one season to join the cross country and track team. I tell people that that was the hardest, yet best decision that I have ever made.  


MS: What's your favorite season of the year to train?

KM: My favorite season of the year to train is in the spring! I love outdoor track, and the spring time is when we are specifically training for that. 


MS: What are some of your goals for your senior year of Cross Country and Track seasons?

KM: Team goals for our cross country team are to be Missouri Valley Conference champions for the second year in a row and to qualify for NCAA Nationals. We have everyone back from last year and we’re all seniors, plus we have some new freshmen, so we’re all hungry! Individually for cross country, I want to continue to improve and get stronger and faster and to be able to contribute in our team succeeding. I finished 12th last year at Conference, so my goal is to get into that top 10! A team goal for our track team is to win the MVCs indoors and outdoors. Individually indoors, I’m determined to do some damage at the MVCs in the 3k and 5k; and outdoors, my two huge goal are to win Conference in the steeplechase and to qualify for NCAA Nationals. My dream is to race on Oregon’s track!


MS: In a sport that demands so much on your body and mind on a daily basis, what keeps you motivated to work hard each and every day?

KM: I could literally go on and on about why I love running so much. Any passionate runner knows exactly what I’m talking about. Running is something that just makes me feel good. Running is such a huge part of my life, and as weird as it sounds, I cannot imagine my life without it. Saying this, I have had a few times where I have lost motivation. Those aren’t fun times. Luckily, I have always managed to bounce back and find motivation to keep me going. I am inspired by so many different things in my life: my mom, my siblings, my boyfriend, my teammates, my friends, my coaches, the list goes on and on. I think though that the biggest thing that keeps me motivated is that I want to be extraordinary. Each time I wake up for morning runs, each time I go to practice, each time I lace my spikes up for a workout or race, each opportunity gives me the chance to be extraordinary. That’s why I keep going.


MS: Where do you see your running in 10 years?

KM: In 10 years I will be 31-years-old, yikes! I hope to be running marathons, and maybe even competing in triathlons! I’m also excited for fun road races with friends! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for my running! I will run until my body is no longer able to do it.


MS: How has your mother had an influence on your athletic career?

KM: My mother, Terri Menghini, has been a huge influence on my athletic career. A little history of her is that she played D1 volleyball at Missouri State, then began running marathons after having her fourth child, and then started competing in Ironmen a few years later. As of today, August 14, 2014, my mother has run 130 marathons and has competed in 5 Ironmen, with two more Ironmen scheduled for this year! I like to call her my superhero. Obviously, she has been a huge inspiration for me. My mom never persuaded me to start playing volleyball or to begin running, that was all my own choice. She has always supported me 110% in whatever I wanted to do. She’s my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and I thank her for that.


MS: What is one piece of advice you can give to anyone out there just starting to run?

KM: I met a woman the other day at the track after one of my workouts and began chatting with her. She told me that she was training for a ½ marathon and that she has never run before. Ironically enough, she asked me for my advice. The first thing that popped into my head to tell her was to find something that inspires her and go with it. Having inspiration is huge and can definitely be that one thing that gets you out the door even when you don’t want to.  


MS: Proudest running accomplishment?

KM: I’d have to say that my proudest running accomplishment is winning the Missouri Valley Conference Championship as a team on both the women’s and men’s side last year in cross country. We worked so hard all season long, and all of our hard work finally paid off. That is definitely one of my favorite memories that I have.


Rapid Fire.


MS: Coffee before or after you run?

KM: Before if I’m running in a few hours, & always after!! I have an awesome teammate named Tori Parry that makes the best mochas and lattes after long runs!


MS: Favorite pump up song before a race?

KM: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train is my happy song!


MS: What's your biggest fear?

KM: To have regrets. Do what you love in life and you will never have regrets.


MS: Do you have a sweet tooth?

KM: YES! Peanut butter and dark chocolate are my weaknesses!


MS: Is it true consuming Oreos makes you a faster runner?

KM: Only the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos make you faster.


by Mark Spewak

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