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Dating a Runner! Posted on May 27, 2014

Here are our top reasons for dating a runner!


-You buy into a really healthy spouse. We have a better chance of hitting a personal record than having triple bypass surgery!

-Our stamina is second to none in this day and age! We bring an unbelievable amount of energy anywhere we go! We’ll always keep you dancing on your feet!

-We keep the pantry and refrigerator full with good food! Skipping a valuable meal is as extreme to us as missing a run!

-We deal with pain and sacrifice on a daily basis. A true runner understands a positive attitude is far greater than a negative one. Dating a runner will be a positive and motivating experience that you can benefit greatly from!

-We understand the importance of dedication and commitment! We have the experience of working hard at our sport and that generally translates into our relationships too!

-We wear very little clothing when we run… WE LOVE IT and so will you!

-We are morning people. Runners run before the sun comes up. That means we’ll always have coffee and pancakes waiting for you when you decide to wake up!

-A true runner body is always in great shape. Our abs didn’t come easy. We’ll happily share them with you!

-We don’t require much for a date! We are always willing to do something outdoors, be adventurous, and spoil ourselves post run to drinks and sweet goods!

-We can inspire your pursuit of a happy healthy lifestyle!  Runners are very encouraging people. You will definitely be motivated and focused on your own goals!

-In the summertime we always have a perfect tan! Your friends will be jealous of how awesome your significant other looks without trying!

-We hardly ever wear clothes around the house. We’ll always be your eye candy!

-Running high not only will put us in a great mood but will keep you happy too! You’ll hear almost a million awesome compliments daily after our great runs!

-If we have children they’ll always have a positive role model to look up to! No greater feeling than seeing a family with in shape parents!

-We will believe as much in you as we do in our training! You won’t be dissatisfied!


What did we miss? Comment below with your reasons!


by Mark Spewak


Darth Vader on On 06/10 at 09:47 AM

Luke, you are my son.

George Bush on On 06/05 at 01:59 PM

Boy has a real strong face. That’s what I like ’bout em.

lightmyfire on On 06/05 at 01:58 PM

I saw the owner on Tinder, sadly he didn’t match me back

Rainbowpony on On 06/05 at 01:56 PM

He looks about as fast as Derrick. More attractive though and more manly.

Samuel Jackson on On 06/05 at 01:53 PM

He really does. I saw him run by the other day and had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t Chris Derrick.

CD on On 06/05 at 01:48 PM

The owner is cute. Looks like Chris Derrick a little bit

Sam on On 06/04 at 02:22 PM

For realz……. BOINGGGGGG!

Sam Michael on On 06/04 at 02:22 PM

You got that right.

Michael on On 06/04 at 02:21 PM

I think I would smile more if they took their shirts off……. Hehehehehe

Sam on On 06/04 at 11:51 AM

Oh yeah! Didn’t even notice her on the left. Wowza!

Michael on On 06/04 at 11:49 AM

The one on the right looks angry. Cute couple though. Hottie in the background on the left too

Sam on On 06/03 at 06:21 PM

How long have those two in the picture been dating?

Doug on On 05/29 at 09:17 AM

Our excitement for running is contagious and you just might get started running too!

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