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Coach Crowe's Workout of the Week Posted on March 25, 2014

Among the many training techniques in a coach’s arsenal, one of the most effective is Fartlek.  Fartlek is a Swedish word meaning “Speed play” and is a loosely structured form of interval training.  Fartlek evolved from Sweden in the 1940’s and Swedish Olympic coach Gosta Holmer was the first to write about it.  In its purest form fartlek has no set distances and allows athletes to choose faster tempo and recovery periods themselves.  An example might be sprinting between telephone poles on a stretch of road.

The unstructured aspect is a little disconcerting for younger and novice runners, who seem to find fixed workouts more appealing.  In my quest to develop a training program for the younger runner, I discovered a fartlek system utilized by Australian Olympic marathoner Steve Moneghetti.  Moneghetti’s workout named the “Mono Fartlek” in his honor works like this:


2 X 90 seconds hard (10K pace) with 90 seconds of steady running (not jogging) between.

4 X 60 seconds hard, 60 seconds steady between.

4 X 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds steady.

4 X 15 seconds hard, 15 second steady. (Gerwick, 2004)


“Mono Fartlek” can be added to by repeating it over as many miles as desired.


I found this fartlek to be too demanding and mentally intimidating to my runners, but I liked the structure of the fartlek.  Through trial and errorI adapted the workout to what I call the “Mondo Fartlek”.  The workout is laid out like this:


90 seconds hard (approximately 10K pace), 90 seconds steady running.

60 seconds hard (approximately 5K pace), 60 seconds steady running.

30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds steady running.


This I call one block, after one block the athletes run as many blocks needed to run three to four miles. A recovery jog can be placed in between blocks if needed. 


The beauty of fartlek is it incorporates a variety paces throughout the workout and it can be run over a mixture of terrains.  By slowing the steady portion of the fartlek the run can be adjusted to the ability of the athlete.

Fartlek is an important training tool and if you are not utilizing it I encourage you to do so and you may want to try one of the examples I have given you.


Thanks for reading.


Gerweck, J.  January/February 2004 Running Times Magazine article “Running Recipes for Speed on the Go”


*Coach Crowe is a freelance blogger for the More Miles More Smiles team. He also is a life long distance runner and high school/college Cross Country and Track and Field coach!*

by Mark Spewak


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