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It's like Family: Brandon's Blog Posted on February 19, 2014

There is so much more to a run than just lacing up and stepping out the door. It’s the sights you see, the goals you accomplish, the people who are along for the run. We can all agree the running community is one of the greatest, most powerful things we have ever experienced. There is just something about meeting a new runner, passing by a runner, anything! Runners are one of the friendliest people you will ever meet and are always there to lend a helping hand. If you don’t have a group, or partner you run with I highly suggest finding someone to push you and hold you accountable. Many local running stores will host social runs, these are great to be a part of. Connecting with the running community is amazing!

I have my connections through high school cross country and track. AKA My second family. I love these guys to death. Never have I meet a more dedicated, hard working, passionate group of guys. Maybe I’m a little bias, but these guys are family. I know I can always rely on them for motivation and that extra push on days when I’m not quite feeling it. Everything from our long runs, to grueling workouts, to Friday night team dinners, to the excitement of racing with the boys is pure joy. They are my best friends and they are the reason I am here today. Without them I would not be the type of runner I am today. So often when you run alone it’s easy to lose pace and sight of the goal. That’s not possible with my team, when you fall they are there to pick you up. My best friends and greatest memories have been made with my team. Sure we have our ups and down as a team, but in the end I couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to call my teammates and my family.

The support and love from my team is unbelievable, not even kidding during our meets it’s of the norm to look up and see a group of kids dressed in a cow, clown, hotdog, bacon and eggs M&M costumes and so much more running from spot to spot on the course, making pyramids of people, chanting our names as we race on. Talk about a little extra push! Then comes Districts and that means 1 thing…Knight-Hawks. It is becoming a tradition at Francis Howell North for the top 7 athletes, those running at districts, to shave a mow hawk in their heads the Thursday before Districts to show off to the entire school and everyone at the meet that they are proud to be a Knight and deserve to be racing the next Saturday. You get to keep your great new hair-do until your season is finished, even more motivation to move on and race the next week.

All of this may come off a little crazy to others, but to me and my team it’s the great thing I could ever ask for. Without my team, my family, I am nothing, with them I am everything. The running community is absolutely amazing, the group of people you run with may not be as odd ay my team I have, but I still highly suggest finding someone or a group to run with. Who knows they could end up becoming your best friend and your reason to continuing running forward. Thank you FHN XC and Track. Happy running!



*Brandon is an intern for the More Miles More Smiles Team*


by Mark Spewak

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