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Caitlin's Product Review: Stunt Puppy Posted on February 03, 2014

About two months ago I was very fortunate to have a great friend attend The Running Event in Austin, Texas. Just to give you all a quick run down as to the details for The Running Event, it is the equivalent of NYC Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in the running world. It is where all of the top Running Specialty stores attend a giant venue where vendors from around the country get together and show off new product designs, apparel line launches, and anything running related. While he was there he came across a new brand of leashes geared towards running with your dog. Immediately I was ecstatic to give it a try.

 Let me give you a little insight into my previous runs with Milly Mae, my two year old black lab who has days worth of energy.I should add that my fiance and I have only had her for a few months, and we got her when she was 1 year and 7 months old. So training, especially with a leash, has been a little tricky. Prior to even walking out of the door I would have to wrap my hand in her leash almost seven times so she couldn't bolt as soon as we stepped outside. During the run my arms would get so tired, and I could barely run ten minutes without having to take a break from holding the leash so tight. Getting this leash was such a great gift, and I couldn't be more thankful!

As usual, the first steps out of the door were a bit tricky because Milly clearly could not wait to get outside and give this new thing a try. Once we got to the edge of the drive Milly sat like she always does waiting for my Garmin Forerunner 10 to connect, I noticed that she had not tried to jump up and bite the leash as she has done before. Since the leash is shorter, and Mills is only 2.5-3 feet away she won't jump since it is too close. That was a blessing in itself.

 Once we started our run I immediately noticed a huge difference. Literally, it was like going from day to night. Also, I no longer have to do my leash wrap routine because this new one clasps around my waist allowing for a hands free run. I will admit that I was skeptical of wearing a leash like a belt, but it actually helped me control Mills better because I was using my weight to hold her still. Plus, the best part is she helps pull me up the hills ;) (don’t judge.) I would still recommend being careful running downhill because if your pup is anywhere as crazy as mine they will want to sprint, and one wrong move you’re being dragged down a sidewalk.

 When running with Milly I still make sure to put her harness on instead of attaching the leash directly to her collar. This way I have better control, as well as it is more comfortable for her, and reduces any chance of her irritating her neck. So far we haven't been able to run as many miles together as we would like due to weather impairments; however, once this nasty snow goes away it'll be me and her logging in the miles.


For more information on the Stunt Puppy, visit their website www.stuntpuppy.com


-Caitlin and Milly <3


by Mark Spewak

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