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Tip of the Week: Group Running Posted on January 26, 2014

Monday Tip!

This winter will mark my 9th year of distance running. Over my short tenure I have learned a lot about the sport from many different coaches, mentors, teammates, and fellow runners. The hardest part about running is sometimes finding your consistency and identity. Every week I will be putting together a different tip for any runner or walker. These tips are aimed for your casual to competitive runner/walker! Enjoy!


This week's tip is about the importance of running with a group!


Group Running: Find a group of people who share a similar schedule as yours is key to making your training easier. My suggestion would be to find people who are going to consistently run with you during the week and weekends. Also, finding runners who are going to keep a similar pace as you. Running alone can be quite daunting! Having someone there to train with you will keep you accountable and on schedule! 


How can I make this happen? Visit your local specialty running store in your city to find out about training groups and potential group runs! In certain cities there also track clubs that put on groups runs and training teams as well. Going to local races on the weekends will certainly increase your chances of finding people to run with. Meeting people at any of those places will be the golden key for expanding your training circle every other day of the week! These groups and organizations know their stuff. Utilize the resources they have for their communities.


Mark's Example: I have a group of people I run with who meet most mornings at 7 am. They keep me accountable for my training and enthusiastic about getting the miles in! It's not easy to do this sport alone. You have to remember we are doing this sport for a lot of different reasons. But if you aren't having fun running, you are doing something wrong! 



Please contact mark@moremilesmoresmiles.com or comment below with any questions you may have. Happy running!


by Mark Spewak

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