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Life of a Runner: Sarah's Blog Posted on December 29, 2013


My perspective on running has changed a lot in the past year. A while ago, I was able to thrive as an All-American runner on a national championship winning team, a school record holder in steeplechase, and as a leader as the captain of the cross country team. Although I appeared to be successful and happy, I was not at peace with myself. I became self-absorbed in my identity as a runner- until everything fell apart. I suffered a concussion at the conference meet, fractured my hip, and lost the ability to run for a long time. Through recovery, I let go of that mindset, and it has been so liberating.  While I still always give my best effort, I don't dwell on the little things and I definitely enjoy running a lot more now.

We all need the attitude to chase our dreams by doing what we love to do- It's a great way to look at life, especially since we should not take anything for granted. If we stress about the little things, or sacrifice relationships and other passions, in order to focus on narrow-minded pursuits of success, we will forget about what truly makes us happy. It's never been more evident how we really need to seize every opportunity & take chances because you never know where it will lead you.

That being said, running is an amazing way that brings communities together- for a great charitable cause, personal growth, and limitless opportunities. So many runners have inspired me lately- cheering on others who achieve their goals brings such joy & a lot of smilesJ Witnessing runners’ genuine passion for the sport, redefining limits, going above and beyond what was thought possible is what makes the sport of running so incredible and empowering! For now, I just look around me & smile, remembering how grateful and privileged I am just to be able to run! I hope my story along with More Miles More Smiles inspires you to enjoy running free and happy! :)


*Sarah Fisher is a freelance blogger for the More Miles More Smiles team!*

by Mark Spewak

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